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Hertz Car Rental gives you a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Whether you need a compact car or a large people carrier, you'll find what you're looking for in with Hertz. A list of low cost and luxury car rentals available for hire is given, with details of each vehicle, seat numbers, capacity and extra features.
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Get an instant quote online and book your car hire in Kildare through the Hertz booking form available on our website. You can choose any of the Hertz locations, at Ireland�s ports and airports. All you have to do is enter your arrival and rental dates, choose your vehicle and make a reservation. You can also choose extras like luggage racks and child seats. Luxury car rental has never been so easy.
Destinations in Ireland
Hertz offers low cost car hire at locations across Ireland including Kildare. These are conveniently located near major airports, ports and city centres.
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Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the world, and provides luxury car rental and excellent service to their valued customers. Check out the why Hertz is #1 in Car Rental.
Hertz Car Rentals are the world�s largest Car Rental company, with around 7,000 rental locations worldwide. Learn more about
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Bringing your own car to Kildare County is not advisable due to the high costs involved. Car rentals for tourists are an inescapable fact of life. Yes, you can live without them by taking the public transport but you will lose freedom of movement and will be at the mercy of the public transport driver's disposition with regard to stopping at beautiful places. Your own rented car allows you to stop anywhere for as long as you want and the prices are not too exorbitant either.

In County Kildare, you can find established international car rental offices as well as many local businesses offering the same service. With so much variety, it is better not to get into the hassle of comparing prices and just take any car that meets your needs without any fancy extras causing an adverse effect on your wallet. It is highly recommended to ask for a high visibility waistcoat for the unfortunate scenario of your car breaking down. Most of the car rental offices are located in or near the major airports allowing international tourists to start their wonderful journey as soon as they step on Irish land.