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County Kildare offers a number of local attractions and exciting events to tourists and visitors every day. A range of events, including theatre, cinema, concerts, and festivals, sport and kids events and exhibitions are listed for Kildare County. We have kept this section current and up-to-date with latest events and happenings in Kildare. So, give yourself a break from your tedious life and check the events listed below to see how you can enjoy in County Kildare.


Kildare Town Walking Tours

Venue: Kildare County: Kildare
Price: 3 /6
From: Jul 28, 2009 To: Jul 28, 2019 Time: see details

Description: Enjoy a walking tour of Kildare and discover the history of this important town.

A number of entertaining events are held each day in County Kildare. Here we offer you a long list of up-coming events including festivals, movies, theatres, live music, concerts, exhibitions and sports activities. In order to avoid the hassle of choosing an event, Dublin Events has categorized all the possible up-coming events according to their types making it easier to choose what to attend. Date and time and pricing details for all the events are also given. Now, it's just a click away to get updated to all the current, latest and up-coming activities in Kildare.

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