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County Wicklow has a range of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from Traditional Irish, Italian, Indian, French, and much more. These restaurants also offer seafood, Vegetarian and Local Irish food. Browse around to find a restaurant the next time you plan to dine out in Wicklow.

Thirsty Trout

Thirsty Trout

Cuisine: Casual Dining, Pub Restaurant
Price: N/A
Lawless's Hotel Aughrim,
Co. Wicklow
Reserve Now

Redmond's Restaurant

Redmond's Restaurant

Cuisine: Irish, Seafood, Traditional, Traditional Irish
Price: N/A
Woodenbridge Hotel & Lodge, Vale of Avoca, Arklow Co. Wicklow Reserve Now

Cape Greko

Cape Greko

Cuisine: Greek
Price: N/A
51 Main Street Bray Co. Wicklow Reserve Now

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Diva Restaurant in County Wicklow is a great place to enjoy a soothing dining experience. The menu is dominated by mostly Italian goodness with a little Mediterranean cuisine thrown in for good measure. Children are very welcome here and are even specially catered with gluten and yeast free pasta and pizza. Live music is also offered for the entertainment of the customers, making the atmosphere of this restaurant joyful and exciting.

Weeping Thaiger Restaurant in Wicklow Town is an excellent place to sample some great Thai cuisine. Customers find the dining experience to be simply wonderful and recommend this restaurant to their friends and family wholeheartedly. The restaurant offers a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The menu is designed in an excellent manner and features detailed descriptions of the various dishes for those who are unfamiliar with Thai cuisine. You can look forward to beginning your meal here with excellent starters like Skewered Chicken or Spring Rolls. The accompanying sauces are very delicious and greatly add to the marvellous taste of the food. The main courses are quite a lot in number so choosing from among them can take a little while. Dishes like Thai chicken curry are sure to entice your palate and acquaint you with exotic unprecedented tastes. Pineapple, sliced potato and cashew nuts with the curry make the whole dish a delicacy you won't soon forget. Dessert consists of ice cream available in a good number of flavours and the wine selection is also very commendable. This restaurant is indeed a must visit place for anyone looking to have a satisfying meal.

Jack White's Restaurant in County Wicklow is an excellent place if you are looking to stuff yourself with a gorgeous and sumptuous meal delivered in large and generous servings. The staff is quite friendly and always ready to please you with their excellent service. The menu features extremely appealing and delicious food like burgers, chicken, fish, pasta and steaks. Turkey, Irish stew, ham, lasagne, duck and shark are also available as main courses. The price of the food will seem very modest when you look at the sheer amount of food served in your plate. This restaurant obviously cares about satisfying its customers instead of extorting them with embarrassingly small portions of food. Steaks are served with mash, onion rings and a very healthy serving of potato chips. The wine list is short but features a good carefully chosen selection with an emphasis on quality.

Another fine place to enjoy a great meal is Howard's dining room at the Arklow Bay Hotel. The dining room is decorated in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. The breads served here are fresh and crisp and taste really good. Goats cheese salad and chorizo is a great way to start the meal here. Sweetcorn and polenta fritters with apple marmalade are also very delicious. Steaks are done admirably well here, almost compelling you to give the chef a pat on the back. The lamb dishes here taste awfully nice and are recommended for anyone visiting here. There is an excellent selection of mouth watering desserts including espresso creme brulee and chocolate marquise. The wine list is also extensive and features some great tasting wines.

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